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I am writing to you in my role as agent on behalf on Greg Lambert who is currently seeking on-going sponsorship due to the conclusion of his previous sponsorship contract.

If Greg can secure another sponsorship term this will enable him to continue his success in both Formula 1 and Formula 2 Motorcycle Sidecar Racing throughout the coming seasons, and the Championship entries are subject to funding/sponsorship, so as you will appreciate, time is important.

Greg Lambert is ambitious and single minded when it comes to his racing which is his passion and he is no newcomer, having worked extremely hard over the last twenty years progressing both on and off the circuit and now builds sidecar machines at his own motorcycle business in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Self employment for Greg started 2 years ago and this allows him the flexibility to attend every fixture throughout the racing calendar and pursue his ambition to win the Formula 2 Isle of Man TT race subject to funding/sponsorship.

Enclosed in the “Lambert Racing” sponsorship prospectus, which highlights the benefits to you as a possible sponsorship, you will notice that I have included four different sponsorship or funding options for your consideration at different levels of financial involvement, with the last one giving the sponsor full autonomy regarding a proposal. As to when sponsorship would commence, be reviewed and conclude would be left open for your suggestion and future discussion.

  1. A Small one off payment to help towards the next event.
  2. Full payment of the next event plus expenses
  3. Full payment of the next event and a future sponsorship deal, which would include a complete package for full advertising for your company or business.
  4. This one is open to any offer you may wish to propose yourself.
Sponsors please note:

Please be aware that you may be eligible for tax relief on sponsorship payments. Contact your HMRC office for details.

Greg Lambert Racing
Rose Lea, Meanee Road, Scotton, North Yorkshire, UK, DL9 3NB
Telephone: 07980 292819

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